Lakeside Living in New Hampshire

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   There are plenty of waterfront homes for sale in NH that boast beautiful scenery and year-round activities for residents. If you are interested in moving to a seaside or lakefront location in the Granite State, there are some preparation tips to keep in mind. Many New Hampshire towns are popular destinations for second homes, so out-of-towners can vacation in style. However, they also are an excellent place for young professionals, families, and retirees who want to live closer to the water. Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing your home for lakeside residing in New Hampshire. 

Learn The Lakes Regulations 

   If you’re looking for lakefront homes for sale in NH, you’re probably excited to spend time on the water and indulge in plenty of outdoor activities. Every lake has differing regulations for boats, fishing, and water sports. Many New Hampshire lakes welcome year-round activities ranging from ice fishing to summer boating. It’s a good rule of thumb to understand your lake's regulations. Is fishing permitted on the lake year-round? Are there any particular activities that are not allowed on the lake? Are motorized watercraft allowed on the lake? Are there any boating restrictions or horsepower limits? Answering these questions can help you feel secure in your waterfront activities and whatever extras you may want to purchase to accompany your lakeside home in new hampshire. 

Prepare for Winterizing Your Dock 

   When you live in a lakeside home in New Hampshire, it’s essential to consider lakefront home maintenance, especially with the cold winters. Rain, snow, and icy conditions can cause seasonal wear on your wooden dock. You can take precautions as a homeowner to protect the dock from environmental conditions and cover it accordingly as needed. This is especially important for people looking for summer vacation homes, where they may not be around for the cold season. Some pipes and parts of the house may need to be maintained accordingly if freezing conditions are underway. 

Consider Different Tax Structures 

   Every city in New Hampshire has different tax structures, and these can change depending on the lakeside town you’re interested in. For example, waterfront homes for sale in Meredith, NH, may fall into a different tax bracket. Before choosing your dream destination, correspond with a waterfront REALTOR® that specializes in your location. They’ll be able to inform you of the local property taxes and any information you may need to know about your potential residence area. 

Read About Local Ordinances 

   Waterfront homes for sale in NH will come with their own local ordinances. If your house is under a homeowners association, make sure to review the conditions, covenants, and restrictions that might impact you. Investigate if any local ordinances restrict home improvements on lakefront properties. Sometimes local ordinances can regulate noise levels, gatherings, or parties around the lake. Many locations in New Hampshire welcome community and fun around the water. It’s beneficial to inform yourself beforehand, so you know how much freedom you have on your lakefront property. This can differ depending on the person, so make sure you find a town that suits your needs. 

Keep up With Seasonal Maintenance 

   Similar to any form of housing, lakefront home maintenance should be accounted for year-round. If you are out of town, make sure to winterize your home in advance, so it’s prepared when you come back in the summer. Take into account the water levels, shorelines, wear on your dock, and seasonal changes that may affect your property. Regular maintenance will keep your waterfront property looking dazzling through every season. 

   Waterfront homes for sale in NH are a great opportunity to enjoy all that the Granite state offers. Many towns provide seasonal and community-driven activities that keep residents entertained through the cold winters. Preparing your home for lakeside living isn’t always difficult, but it is essential to ensure you get the best out of your waterfront home. Lakeside home maintenance should be a part of every resident's routine! Locals and experienced REALTORS® will be able to guide you if you have any questions about your specific area. 

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