How to Pressure Wash Your Home this Summer

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Person in galoshes power washing a walkwayWarm weather is here and it is time to spruce up our homes. Whether you are preparing to sell or have just bought a home, there is probably some dirt and grime you need to remove from your home’s exterior.

The warm summer weather is a perfect time to pressure wash your home. Things dry quickly and you probably don’t mind getting a bit wet.

First, identify what areas of the exterior need cleaning, any problem areas where mold or mildew may be occurring, and where a fresh coat of paint or stain is needed. Sometimes a good pressure wash (and maybe some paint or stain afterward) is just what the outside façade of your home needs to look new again.

Here are some basics to know before you begin:

  • Pressure washing is the first step before re-staining or painting steps, decks and even your fence. It’s important because it removes that old layer of dirt, so the new layer of paint will stick to the surface properly. It is the easiest way to remove layers of dirt and grime and keep your home looking fresh and clean.

  • Stay safe as you combine water and electricity, which is a dangerous combination. Work carefully around outside electrical outlets so you don’t get them wet. If you are climbing a ladder, check where your power lines are, and shut off the power at its source in your home to prevent electrocution.

  • Don’t damage wood by washing too intensely. Choose a wide fan setting for a gentler spray, which is also perfect for cleaning windows, your outside furniture or walkways. Always start any pressure washing projects with a low water pressure and a wide fan, and then adjust for more pressure as it is needed. If you are washing your siding, you should be about 12 inches away from the surface.

  • Start from the top down, holding the nozzle at an angle so dirt will fall downward. Do not hold the sprayer at an angle that produces a direct, forced stream of water into corners, crevasses or toward the underside of your siding.

  • You can create a bleach solution (water and a little bleach) to address any mold or mildew you find. Just apply with a sponge before using the pressure washer to remove mildew. Mildew can ruin siding, a deck or a fence. Bleach pressure washing can resolve this issue.

Pressure washing can instantly improve the look of your home’s exterior, making it looked cared for, bright and clean. It sets the ground work for a great paint job and if you are trying to sell, it can boost your curb appeal by making everything look fresh and well-maintained. This is important when you are trying to make a good first impression for potential buyers.

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