How to Move With Pets

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Moving can be an exciting new adventure, a new home, new environment, and a new location. However, as much as moving can be an amazing change, it can also be a stressful one - for you and your pets. Pets can be extremely smart, intuative, and understanding, but they might have a hard time comprehending why they now live in an unfamiliar environment. To help ease the transition and better acclimate your pet, here are 3 tips to help your furry friend adapt to their new environment. 

  1. Prior to fully moving in, if possible, bring them to the new location of your home. Let your pet familiarize themselves with the area and their new surroundings. It won’t be so overwhelming on moving day if they’ve been there before. 
  2. On moving day, designate an area for your pets crate and put a sign on the front stating “do not let out”. Cats and dogs can be very overwhelmed and skittish in a new environment with strangers all around, so it’s best if they’re in their own space with a couple of blankets and toys. 
  3. When everything is settled, introduce your pet to your home one room at a time. It can be overwhelming to an animal having all of this new space all at once. So take it slow and let your pet get comfortable. Also introduce your cat to the room of their litter box so they know where it will be. Same for your dog, introduce them to the yard or outdoor space.

To learn and gather more tips on how to help your furry friend adapt to their new surroundings, click HERE

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