Tips on How to Move With Kids

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For adults, moving can be an exciting adventure - new experiences to be had and new memories to be made. But it also comes with a lot of challenges and anxiety, and sometimes these drastic changes can affect your little ones as well. So we want to relay some tips to help ease the transition into their new environment. 

  1. Breaking the News: This can sometimes be the trickiest part because a lot of parents don’t know how to start the conversation. What we suggest doing is picking a time and place to sit your kids down and have an open conversation about future plans. Pick a quiet and private location, and really encourage your kids to openly respond regarding their thoughts and feelings about the move.
  2. The Reason Why: When explaining to your kids why you have made the decision to relocate, make sure to avoid addressing the negative reasons that may be forcing the move. Focus on the positives to help excite your kids about the move. So instead of saying “We’re sick of this neighborhood” simply say “I think we’ll all be so much happier there!”
  3. Visit: If you’re able to visit your new home, neighborhood, or town prior to the move, encourage your kids to come along to see it. Kids will likely become more excited about a new location if they’ve familiarized themselves with it. 
  4. Use Technology to Your Advantage: Oftentimes kids will have a hard time leaving their familiar environment and saying goodbye to their friends. If you’re unable to take a day trip to your new town, show your kids some aerial and video footage of your new area. Google fun local attractions and give them links they can send off to their friends and invite them to visit once you’re all settled.

Moving can be hard on the whole family, but working together to make it a fun and positive experience for all will help ease the transition. I hope these tips helped you start a meaningful conversation with your kids about the new adventure your family is about to embark on.

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