How to Find a Cabin You Love in Maine

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how to find a cabin for sale in Maine

Cabin living in Maine has piqued interest for potential home buyers in the past few years and for good reason. Cabin living is flexible to fit anyone’s lifestyle, whether that be a small home on the outskirts or truly going off the grid.

Much like the location, the style of cabin homes can vary and can be tailored to fit each buyer's unique needs. Cabins for sale in Maine range from small, few hundred square foot homes to a couple thousand square foot log cabins. Depending on what you’re looking for, your budget could be extremely modest when searching for your ideal cabin. 

With so many options as far as cabin style and locations go, we wanted to offer you some questions to consider to help you find a cabin you love in Maine.

What location are you looking for? 

 The first thing to ask yourself is where you would like your cabin. If you are heartset on a certain type of environment, pin-pointing that location will help you see what options of cabins for sale in Maine you have to choose from. By choosing the location of your cabin first, you avoid the frustration of finding a cabin you love that isn’t in the right place. If there is not a cabin you like in your location of choice, ask yourself if location is more of a priority than cabin style.

Some great places to search for cabins in Maine are Fryeburg, Cape Elizabeth, Kittery Point and Hampden.

What type of cabin are you looking for? 

When people think of cabins they think small wooden houses- but cabins come in all shapes and sizes and even materials. You can decide on type of wood, such as spruce logs which are resistant to decay, or Scandinavian log that has a denser, tighter grain. Do you want an A-frame cabin home where snow and leaf buildup is prevented, or do you want a cabin retreat that looks more like a suburban home? Make sure you also consider the amount of time you are able to put into maintenance or if you can hire someone to help, especially if you won’t be around during the off season. 

What will your Cabin be used for? 

Another important thing to ask yourself is what you want to use your cabin for. Will it be a second home, a place for family gatherings or a rental property? Make sure the structure and functionality of the cabin can accommodate your needs or whether it would be within your budget to make improvements.

 What is the winter access like? 

An important factor cabin-hunters often forget to consider is the accessibility of the cabin during the winter months. Does the community pay for plowing or are you primarily responsible for removing the snow? As a matter of safety, this can be one of the most important questions to ask about your potential cabin home-- it is not uncommon for people to find themselves stuck for days or weeks in their cabins during a snowstorm.

If you’re actively looking for cabins for sale in Maine, get in touch with us at Verani Realty, your trusted and driven realtors in Maine. Or, start browsing homes for sale in Maine online. When you’re ready to make a move, we’re ready to show you the best cabin homes that are available on the market today!

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