How Baby Boomers’ Homes Can Appeal to Millennials

young couple looking at kitchenWhen it is time to sell, baby boomers may wonder if their personal sense of style that resonates throughout their home will appeal to today’s young buyers. Every generation of buyers tends to look for something different and Millennials are no exception. They will not be impressed by the same décor as their parents or grandparents, as plenty of surveys have proven.

So, since Millennials may very well be the potential buyer who comes through your front door, you may be curious as to how a baby boomer home seller can successfully increase their homes' appeal to this younger generation's tastes.

What do Millennials Seek?

In a recent column in The Washington Post, David Charron, president and chief executive of the multiple listing service MRIS, provided some professional insight on how to best present your home to appeal to Millennials. Here are just a few of his top suggestions:

Streamline Your Entryway: The entryway of your home will make a first impression (good or bad, fresh or dated) on buyers. “Millennials prefer their living spaces to be streamlined,” Charron notes. “A home’s entryway is one of the easiest places to make a good first impression.” One perfect example of modernizing/updating in subtle affordable ways is to follow the lead of today’s builders, who are adding shelves next to electrical outlets to create device charging stations in their new homes. Without a lot of effort you can set up a dedicated command center near the door with a place to stow keys, mail, coats, and bags, and add a tastefully styled power strip or charging center.

Socially Friendly Common Areas: One of the most important things Millennials look at in a home is how it will serve for socializing and entertaining company. So, your focus should be on the kitchen and living room spaces, to make them show as airy and open as possible and therefore great places to host a party. The layout of your furniture should showcase several seating areas for guests. For example, a taller-than-usual kitchen table with bar chairs may offer that modern seating visual, or an open layout arranged with several seating areas also can help buyers visualize how the home can accommodate big group gatherings without feeling too crowded. If your REALTOR sets up an open house, consider offering potential buyers beverage and snacks stations around the main living space, so that visitors can see and experience the entertaining potential in the home.

Open-Play Areas for Kids: Millennials buying homes are typically between the ages of 25 and 34, so they are the age that many either have a toddler or two, are starting families, or plan to soon. They are looking for places where they can keep an eye on young children as they play indoors along with easy, kid-friendly areas outside. One way to appeal to these young parents is to create a map with nearby playgrounds, parks, and bike paths outlined to show that the area has plenty to offer their children.

Refresh in Neutrals: The décor of your home creates an impression and so does the paint colors. Try repainting rooms that seem dated (pink, baby blue, or and anything that seems like it was popular in the 1970s probably should go) and select new colors from today’s popular neutral palette, like sandy earth tones, medium shades of blue or sage.

With just a few changes and a bit of staging, your baby boomer house can make create the right first impression and make a Millennial feel right at home.

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