Got Kids? Ask These Questions When Buying a Home

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Family in front of houseHome buyers with children have different needs than those without kids. Let’s face it - having a family means there are some specific features you need to find in that next home. Plus, there is more to a move than just the actual house you will live in.

If you are a buyer with children and think that a nice back yard and 2 1/2 bathrooms completes your list, you should probably think again. From the community you choose to raise your children in, to the schools they will attend, there is so much more to home buying for anyone who is a parent. Here are a few things to keep in mind while home shopping.

  • Does the community offer things your family will enjoy? From summer plays on the center common to soccer camp at the community center, look at everything that may make this new community really feel like home.

  • Is it a fixer-upper? As a parent, you may be short on both time and money, so you might never get to refinishing the floors or rebuilding the deck. Keep your actual free time and budget in mind when considering repairs that you will need to do the home.

  • Is it a kid-friendly neighborhood? You want your kids to love their new home and having other kids nearby is one of the ways that may happen. Plus, isn’t it more appealing to think of your kids having neighborhood friends to play with, without having to drive anywhere?

  • Is the school system rated well? Do you know any parents who can give you the inside scoop about the schools? Does it offer special services for gifted students as well as those needing extra help? Have you taken a tour of the school your child will attend?

  • Is the yard safe for your kids? Do you see a space where your children and pets can play freely without worrying about passing cars or strangers? Could you afford to install a fence if needed?

  • Does the floor plan fit your family and your parenting style? Is the kitchen area open enough that you could you keep an eye on the kids while making dinner? A formal dining room is nice, but today’s families often require the ability to multi-task, and open floorplans support that need better than closed off rooms.

  • Does the community offer trash pick-up? It seems like a small part of homeownership, but it is a feature some municipalities do not offer as part of their services. This means you must either take your trash to the local landfill yourself (one more thing on your to-do list) or hire a company to haul away your trash (an added expense).

For parents, home buying means looking at how this move will impact every member of the family. So keep these basic considerations in mind and ask your real estate agent about each community you are considering.  Your agent will often have the scoop about where many families are choosing to buy and why it could be a good fit for you.

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