Considering Community Living? Tips for Researching Gated Communities in New Hampshire

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new hampshire gated communitiesA growing trend in the real estate industry for those approaching retirement age is the option to purchase property in a gated community in New Hampshire. Gated communities are fairly widespread in states like Florida and California, but here in NH they’re catching on and becoming more popular as more baby boomers create demand for them.

What do gated communities in New Hampshire look like? Well, they’re more or less just as it sounds: a gated parcel of homes (often new construction) that offer security and protective measures with regard to those entering the community.  On top of security, gated communities offer greater privacy and the attractive feel of exclusivity.

In general, there are two main types of gated communities in New Hampshire. They are:

Automatic Security Gated: This type of gated community is the most common you’ll find when you start looking at applicable properties. They are cost effective and offer ease-of-use with the typical setup of an arm that raises and lowers as approved parties attempt to gain entry or exit. This is achieved with a remote control that is programmed for the specific gate/community entrance – sort of like a garage bay opener. They also often have a callbox, which allows community members to permit approved guests and/or service workers.

Sometimes this particular style of gated community has built in security cameras monitoring the gates as well for an extra “layer” of security. These cameras capture any activity at the gate which is handy from myriad vantage points – especially when it comes to deterring unwanted/suspect visitors.

Guarded Gated Communities: This type of situation adds a more robust layer of security on top of the automatic gated community. In this arrangement there is typically a windowed structure at the gate with a guard who monitors all inbound and outbound traffic. In some instances, the guard is a hired professional, which can drive up association fees a bit, and in other cases residents take turns staffing the gate. Make sure to ask about who staffs the gate if you have feelings one way or the other on this scenario. The other thing to consider is whether or not the gate is staffed 24/7, or if it reverts to the standard automatic gate at some point during the night. In some instances, guards exist not only at the gate, but also include roving units as well that patrol the entire property as an added measure of security. Again, the more personnel on site, the higher the association fee will likely be.

Benefits of living in a gated community:

While some of these points might be redundant, they’re worth stressing when it comes to understanding what gated communities in New Hampshire offer:

  • Traffic is minimized.Gated communities restrict unwanted visitors, loiterers or passersby that may attempt to drive through a property that isn’t gated. Less traffic means less noise, which equals greater periods of quiet and peace-of-mind.

  • Comfort in exclusivity: With included amenities dependent on the location you choose, community is a built-in, tightly knit bond limited to your fellow neighbors only. Swimming pools, gyms, care facilities, and community centers are some of the options you may find in gated communities located in NH, with the added benefit of community festivities, BBQs, and celebrations.

  • Sense of security: Based simply on the gated aspect of the neighborhood, crime is extremely low as traffic is monitored. Security is one of the greatest selling points of gated community living.

  • Homeowners’ associations: Gated communities have homeowners’ associations, which means rules are put in place to keep the neighborhood looking good. This increases property values and keeps serenity and peace at a maximum.

Are you interested in learning more about gated communities in New Hampshire? Whether you’re in the market for such a property or just gathering information about the different types of New Hampshire real estate, feel free to ask us any questions that percolate in your mind. We can help guide you to the best fitting, beautiful properties NH has to offer!

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