Don't Let Anxiety Deter You from Buying Your Dream Home

woman thinkingIf you suffer with anxiety, you already know that everyday stress could serve as a trigger to heighten your senses and nerves. If daily occurrences increase your anxiety, you're probably wondering how will you ever manage to buy a home?

There is a way. The solution has multiple layers—because no-one-thing will solve this challenge. It is based upon having solid answers to your questions available to you quickly, a detailed plan to follow, and the right Realtor to guide you through it all with patience and skill.

A few basic things that can keep stress levels at bay:

  • Find a supportive, experienced Realtor: You are not just seeking skill and experience, you are seeking a good listener and someone who has compassion for your varying levels of stress. Talk to a few qualified Realtors before you choose and see who you connect best with. Let them know you battle with anxiety and try and get a reading on how they will be at answering your questions and/or putting your mind at ease.

  • Make a list about what you seek in a home: There will be many options but if you already have a list of the most important features (and even the top locations/communities) you are looking for you can narrow down the options. Your list can be sectioned into two categories: must-have features and nice-to-have features. This also helps make deciding easier when looking at actual properties. Take the list with you for showings. Notice how many of those "must-have" items are checked off with each home you see. Having a visual list in hand of what you want is calming while you are viewing a home and trying to evaluate its potential.

  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage: Take a copy of your (and the co-borrower's) tax returns for the last 2-3 years, and the last few pay stubs you (and your co-borrower) have. Meet with a mortgage provider and see exactly what amount you will be allowed to borrow. This also makes any offer you may make on a home much more attractive to the sellers, because they know you will get the loan you need – you are already pre-approved!

  • Take quick notes while viewing each home: Jot down pros and cons as you go. For example: a pro could be that the house is close to your workplace and a could con could be that the house has dated cabinets in the kitchen. Keep it simple. Take short, simple notes to help you remember what was good and what wasn’t. This gives you a great way to tally and review the pros vs. the cons.

Anxiety can make even happy moments a struggle. Try to ask all the question you have as they arise. Remember, no question is a stupid question. Knowledge about the process of buying is something you can learn, and the more you know, the more at ease your nerves will be. Ask your Realtor about the timeline of buying, what any terms you don’t understand actually mean, and details about what happens at closing. Educate yourself, make lists to help guide you and choose a Realtor that has both patience and experience.

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