8 Storage Tips to Help Kids’ Bedrooms Look Clutter-Free

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decluttering kids roomsLack of storage can make any room seem cluttered, but in a kid’s or teen’s room it can spell disaster, especially when you are trying to show your home to potential buyers. There are some proven methods, however, that will make that pile of toys or clothes disappear. Here are a few ways to tackle kids’ bedrooms before showings (and some of these tips can be used for the adults’ rooms too!):

  1. Storage cubes are a hot trend right now. Whether you buy a 3x3 cube wooden case, slide basket cubes under a window seat, or create one using plastic crates stacked together, it allows for kids to organize toys and tuck them away quickly.

  2. Under the bed storage containers hide a lot from view. You can buy plastic storage containers that slide under your child’s bed and hold a multitude of toys. This is perfect for those Hot Wheels race track sets and piles of Legos. You can even section off a corner of the container by placing another container within it.

  3. Shelving gets things off the floor and adds to the look of easy organization. From stuffed animals to books, shelving can make what remains in sight look tidy and neat.

  4. You know when those sweatshirts get tossed on the chair, or that sweater that is not quite dirty gets dropped on the floor because it’s not exactly clean either? Behind-the-door hooks (provided they are not over stacked with items) get miscellaneous clothing off the chair or floor with ease.

  5. Laundry baskets with lids keep dirty laundry out of sight. If you normally use open laundry baskets, it is worth the investment to get a bin or basket with a cover.

  6. Shoe shelves or racks can clear up closet floor space and organize the piles of mismatched shoes tossed into the closet on any given day.

  7. Small baskets and plastic bins can help organize clutter on desks or be used to tuck away books, laptops and game players.

  8. Make more closet space by buying tiered, multi-use clothes hangers. These hangers are built in a tiered system so you can hang more than one item, which facilitates more space on the closets’ hanging rods and creates the feeling of having a larger closet.

When you are selling, hearing from your real estate agent that a potential buyer wants to schedule a showing will probably make you happy and panicked at the same time. Decluttering your house can be challenging if you are a parent, but if you create quick ways to store clutter your home will show beautifully.

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