Can a Cordless Mower Really Cut It?

lawnmowerPerhaps you have long been considering greener alternatives to your old gas-powered mower, but will a cordless mower really do the job? There are several variables to the answer to that question, like how large your yard is, and what the terrain is like-- do you have several hills or uneven ground in your yard to contend with?) But yes, there are some high-performance cordless models available today that will get the job done right.

According to the tests conducted by consumer reports, it may cost you more green to be green, but the new EGO mowers have reinvented the cordless mower and a couple of models even outperform their gas-powered counterparts. Black+ Decker also makes the ranks with a model that impresses for a good price.

But, before you buy you should also note that not every lawn is an ideal candidate for successful cutting with a cordless lawn mower. If you’re using a gas-powered mower for a flat, small yard, say, a quarter-acre, you might prefer to use a cordless and skip all that maintenance. But, if you have a fairly large property, it might be difficult to manage with a cordless. Consumer Reports suggests the Cub Cadet RZT-S42, $4,000, a battery-powered zero-turn-radius rider for large yards, but many people are not quite ready to dole out that kind of green in order to be green.

If you are committed to going green, but want something under $4,000 and your yard is an acre or so, there are a few good options that will work among the battery-powered push mowers. Two of the three highest-ranked models in Consumer Report’s tests were manufactured by the EGO company. Here is a break-down of their top contenders, listed by cost:

  • The EGO LM2000, $400: This model is the EGO company’s first walk-behind mower, and though less expensive than the other cordless contenders, it also didn’t impress testers at Consumer Reports with its cutting ability. It made this list because it received high grades for its top-notch handling and ergonomic design however, but let’s face it, you want a mower that can cut the grass well.

  • For the same price, the Black+Decker CM 2040 bagged clippings a notch better than the EGO, helping the Black+Decker edge out the competitor.

  • The top performer according to Consumer Report tests, was the EGO LM2101, $500, which overall outdid even the best gas-powered push mower that were tested, including the Cub Cadet SC-100, $250, and it also matched it for cutting evenness.

  • If your terrain has some hills to conquer and you really need the assistance of a self-propelled mower, the new EGO LM2102SP is available for $600. With it you receive impressive cutting across the board and stellar handling and design that exceeded the results of the EGO LM2000. But most impressive is that this cordless lawn mower outclassed even many gas-powered, self-propelled mowers in Consumer Reports’ Ratings—the toughest category of walk-behind mowers.

There are things to know about cordless mowers before you buy them. Though there is less maintenance required with cordless lawn mowers, you should know that batteries typically don’t last beyond five years. The longevity of your battery really depends on several factors in how it is used and cared for, such as frequency of the charge, temperature during charges, and storage of the battery. So, with New England’s cold winters, for instance, if you leave the battery on your lawn mower over the winter, versus keeping it connected to its charger indoors, you could vastly shorten the life of your battery, according to Consumer Reports.

Going green always seems to cost a bit of green, but for many homeowners the ease of low-maintenance and cutting back on your family’s use of fossil fuels can be a deciding factor in whether to make this purchase. Now, with quality performance cordless mower options, it is easier to decide to make the switch, knowing you will still get good results.

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