3 of the Best, Up-and-Coming Boston Suburbs to Buy a Home

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Boston, Massachusetts is the perfect mix of a historical and modern - preserving the city's rich history while still keeping up with the times. Boston has always been a hub for young professionals, with its vast employment opportunities, variety of transportation methods, and vibrant neighborhoods and nightlife. However, it’s no secret that living in the heart of Massachusetts’ capital city can come with a hefty price tag, making it hard for some people to work and/or play there. With average home values around $633,000 and median listing prices at $769,000, you can say living in Boston, MA isn’t exactly within some people’s more modest budgets.


Luckily, you came to the right place - here we will discuss three different suburbs of Boston that are a little more budget friendly. They are all a short commute into the city, making it easy to continue to work and play in this exciting city.


Watertown, MA

First up is the suburb of Watertown, MA, home to just under 36,000 residents and only 10 miles outside of downtown Boston. This exciting suburb is home to a lot of families, young professionals and individuals who are putting down roots. Watertown, MA offers the perfect mix of urban and suburban living. With an abundance of restaurants, bars, local shops, cafes, and parks, there is something for everyone to enjoy. It’s so popular it was ranked as the #4 “Best Suburb for Young Professionals in the Boston Area” by Niche.com. Like any MA real estate, home prices are high, however Watertown offers an average home list price that is significantly lower than Boston, coming in around $599,450. A great alternative to living slightly outside Boston and getting a little more for your dollar.


Waltham, MA

Second on our list is Waltham, MA, a city only 12 miles outside of Boston with approximately 63,000 residents calling Waltham home. This vibrant city has a pulse and presence of its own, with a ton of local restaurants, shopping, parks, and entertainment, it’s a great place to purchase MA real estate. In fact, Niche.com ranked Waltham as its #7 “Best Suburb for Young Professionals in the Boston Area.” Homes in Boston suburbs for sale can range in price, however, Waltham offers more affordable homes for those looking on a little more of a restricted budget. With an average list price of $599,000, Waltham leans a little bit more on the budget friendly side of the homes in Boston suburbs for sale.


Malden, MA

Last, but certainly cheapest, is Malden, MA - this city suburb is just a short 6.5 miles away from Boston and has a population of a little over 61,000 residents. Ranked by Niche.com as the #11 “Best Suburb for Young Professionals in Boston Area”, Malden is filled with an exciting and upbeat atmosphere. There is a wide variety of restaurants, fit for everyone’s taste, local shopping, and great nightlife. As we mentioned, buying real estate in a Boston suburb can be pricey, but Malden, MA offers homes with an average listing price of only $415,000, drastically cheaper than living in the city.   


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