Looking for Homes in NH? Your Guide to Buying a Home In Winter

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We all saw the 2021 summer surge in New Hampshire real estate, and because of that, a lot of potential buyers decided to wait out the heat of the summer market for a potential cool down in the fall. Now with fall in full swing, buyers are starting to look into the market and homes in NH once again. However, one of the main reasons for the market cooling down is strictly due to the seasonal change. It’s understandable that many buyers are not looking to move in the dead of winter with looming snowstorms, icy roads, and below freezing temps. But, moving in the winter has its benefits, especially on your wallet. So here are a few things to do and look for when moving to NH in the winter.


Practice Good Winter Showing Etiquette

When going on showings, it’s important to practice good home etiquette to the sellers who have spent countless hours getting their home show-ready. This includes taking your shoes off at the front door so you’re not tracking snow, mud, or water throughout the home, keeping your wet jacket on, or placing it neatly over a chair to ensure you’re not leaving a puddle behind you. Once you’ve shown the seller some seasonal consideration, it’s time to consider the home! Winter is actually a great time to view a New Hampshire home for sale because you can learn a lot about how it functions. Homes that may look great in the summer might not hold up in the winter, so now is a great time to be thorough in your showing!


Inspect the Windows and Check for Drafts

The two biggest culprits for a spiked heating bill, windows and drafts. So while you’re going room to room, it may feel well heated, but be sure to inspect the windows for leaks or cracks, and notice if you can feel a draft by the doors and windows. This type of inspection can help you gain a better understanding of heating bills or necessary repairs.


Listen to the Heating System

When searching for real estate in New Hampshire in the winter it is important to have an up-to-date and functioning heating system. Touring a home during the winter months gives you the opportunity to walk through the home and keep an ear out for noises coming from the running system. Depending on the noise you may hear it may open your eyes, even before an inspection, to a bigger issue going on within the system that may need repair.


Neighborhood and Home Maintenance

Outdoor maintenance is just as important as indoor maintenance, especially in the winter. New Hampshire homes for sale will most likely have winter maintenance procedures in place as it’s a very overbearing season. But just to be on the safe side, examine both the home and the immediate neighborhood to see what it will take to ensure a comfortable living environment in the winter. Questions to ask your agent may include, “does the street get plowed regularly?” or “when the plow comes by, does it create a snowbank that blocks your driveway?”


Check the Basement

Did you know that about 20% of heat loss in a home is caused by the basement? It’s true! If you’re considering moving to NH in the winter it’s essential to check out the basement of your potential home. When touring the basement, be on the lookout for drafts and cracks - this will be a huge factor in the home’s heating costs.

As a locally-owned business and a globally respected brand, Verani Realty has helped thousands of people in their quest to find their perfect home, no matter the season. So if you’re thinking of moving to NH in the winter or are just interested in homes for sale in New Hampshire, talk with one of our Real Estate advisors today. Visit our website verani.com and work with agents that do more for you.

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