Best States to Live in to Experience All 4 Seasons

states with all 4 seasons

Many homeowners aspire to live in a region where they can enjoy all four seasons. From the dog days of summer to the snowy winter nights, plenty of states on the Northern East Coast offer the best of all four seasons. 

Whether you are looking for real estate in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts or Maine, we will break down the best locations for seasonal nature lovers. Keep reading to learn more about the best states to live in to experience all four seasons!

#1. New Hampshire 

While New Hampshire is a diverse state, plenty of cities offer fun activities throughout all four seasons. Natives enjoy boating, fishing and swimming in the warm summer months. If you enjoy the mountainous regions, you can spend the summers hiking and biking along nature trails. In the autumn, many people flock to areas like Chesterfield to enjoy the fall foliage, apple picking, local wineries, scenic photo ops and antique hunting. 

Areas of New Hampshire like Portsmouth and Albany are known for enduring the longest winter seasons. For lovers of cool weather, this region is the best place to live in New Hampshire to enjoy copious activities. Snow lovers will travel to partake in snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, sledding and more. Around the holidays, residents can enjoy winter sleigh rides, hay rides and themed parades. 

Once the winter months come to a halt, residents of the Granite State will pull out their canoes and kayaks for spring. During this time, businesses will open rentals for mountain bikes, boats and more. Horseback riding, tennis, and hiking are also popular in the spring.

#2. Massachusetts 

While many young professionals in New Hampshire enjoy the bustling cities, there are also plenty of great locations to settle down in Massachusetts, like Boston. This state is known for its cold winters and warm summers. Similar to all states in the New England region, the climate will vary depending on your proximity to the ocean, rivers, lakes and mountains. The humid continental climate makes experiencing all four seasons in Massachusetts enjoyable for residents and tourists alike. 

The weather in spring is usually mild and warm between the months of March to May. Many people will visit in the spring to enjoy warm weather sports and seasonal events. The summer months bring a humid subtropical climate near the coastal regions, with frequent precipitation to be expected. During autumn in Massachusetts, residents enjoy a vibrant burst of fall colors as the leaves begin to change. The temperature will begin to cool down gradually as more people enjoy fall festivities, hiking, and more. 

Once the winter months take shape, snowfall is common in the months of December and January. For lovers of a White Christmas, this is a great area to settle down; however, some real estate in New Hampshire is more affordable with a similar environment. 

#3. Vermont 

In Vermont, you can always expect the seasons to change like clockwork. With every season comes a transformation in the landscape, recreation and way of life. Residents can enjoy a classic winter by the fireside with the snow-covered hills of Vermont. 

Many people travel to this region to participate in activities amongst renowned skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers. The spring months usually bring cold nights and warm days. As the season unfolds, flowers begin to blossom, and warmer outdoor activities popularize. 

Vermont comprises 75% forestry and 800+ lakes and ponds, which means it’s a beautiful summer location. Natives enjoy cooling off in the swimming holes, followed by picnics with local-crafted maple creemees. Like other states we have highlighted, the fall months send foliage into a full bloom of red, orange and yellow hues. A scenic drive through backroads or a cool mountain hike is a great way to get into the autumnal spirit. 

#4. Maine

Maine is a perfect four seasons destination with activities and climates that suit anyone’s taste. The state is known for having one of the largest fall seasons in the nation, with almost six weeks of vibrant color from Ft. Kent to York. Similar to some of the real estate in New Hampshire, Maine real estate can provide a similar experience with a wide variety of housing opportunities. 

Maine has everything from rocky coastlines on the Atlantic to beautiful mountainous peaks of the Appalachian mountains. There are also bustling cityscapes like Portland that allow for shopping and entertainment options year-round. After a beautiful fall season, ski resorts start to open up in the winter for everyone to enjoy. 

Once the cold months come to a close, the spring and summer in Maine are ideal times to fish, hike, canoe, and spend time outdoors in the warm climate. Maine is a lively place to live year-round for anyone that enjoys a lifestyle change with every season. 

New England Is the Ideal Four Seasons Destination

If you are looking for the best places to live in to experience all four seasons, these four states guarantee a beautiful four-season annual experience. Each state we highlighted today has unique features and upsides. A major benefit of the New England area is the opportunity to enjoy mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, oceans and more! Depending on your lifestyle goals, a real estate agent can help you narrow down options to find your forever home or winter vacation destination. 

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