Moving to Southern NH with Your Family? Here Are Some of the Best Schools

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best high schools in southern new hampshire

Moving the whole family can be a very stressful time, there are many things that need to be discussed, decided, and considered. One thing you should be certain of when moving, is that your children will be in a great school system once you arrive. Southern New Hampshire has a reputation of having fantastic school systems in a variety of towns. Here are some of the best schools in Southern NH:


  1. Windham, NH Schools


The first school district that we’ll discuss is in the beautiful town of Windham, NH. With all levels of education, elementary, middle, and high school, your children can remain in one school district from start to finish. Windham has two elementary schools, Golden Brook Elementary School for grades K-2 and Windham Center School for grades 3-5. Both schools ranked highly based on a variety of academic standards.


Once elementary school is completed, students move over to Windham Middle School. From grades 6-8 students enjoy small class sizes and school athletics. Windham Middle School was ranked #18 on Niche for “Best Public Middle School in New Hampshire.”

Windham High School is recognized by UsNews as the #5 high school in the state based on curriculum, math and reading proficiency, graduation rate and college readiness. With a total enrollment of just over 900 students and small class sizes of student-teacher ratio of 13:1, Windham High has a wonderful reputation.


The Windham School District is also ranking #2 by for “Best School Districts for Athletes in New Hampshire”. Windham schools offers a variety of sports at the division I level including football, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, golf, volleyball, field hockey, cross country, track and field, hockey, swimming, diving, cheerleading, skiing, wrestling, lacrosse, and tennis. No matter what your child’s interest is, there is truly something for everyone. With sports comes the team spirit, and Windham has school spirit in spades. You can find the students cheering at the pep rallies, packing into the stands for Friday night football games, and wearing the school colors proudly. The school unity is what helps bring this school district to the top of the list of best school districts in New Hampshire.


  1. Bedford, NH Schools


Another fantastic town for your children to go to school is Bedford, New Hampshire. The Bedford school district offers schools for all ages, elementary, middle and high school level. The Bedford school district offers some of the best schools in the state. According to, Bedford schools were named #2 for “Districts with the Best Teachers in New Hampshire” and #1 for “Best School District for Athletes in New Hampshire”.


As for elementary schools, Bedford is home to three, all with A or A+ ratings by Niche. All three schools are K-4, Riddle Brook School, Peter Woodbury School, and Memorial School. Once the students complete their time at the elementary school, the move onto middle school at McKelvie Intermediate School for grades 5 and 6. Then Ross A. Lurgio Middle School for grades 7 and 8, both schools continue with A ratings.


Bedford High School is for grades 9-12 and is made up of around 1,500 students with a student-teacher ratio of 15:1. According the UsNews, Bedford High School is ranked #7 for “Best High Schools in New Hampshire” based on mainly on college readiness, math and reading proficiency, and graduation rate amongst other factors. What makes this school district one of the best in New Hampshire is not only their academics, but their wonderful extracurricular activities and athletic program.


When it comes to academics, Bedford High School has some of the best statistics in the state, students are testing well above the state average and with a graduation rate of 98%. The Bedford school district is also known for their athletic program. This division I athletic program offers a variety of sports for both boys and girls. Teams including bass fishing, cheerleading, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, soccer, volleyball, alpine skiing, basketball, gymnastics, ice hockey, Nordic skiing, swimming and diving, track and field, wrestling, baseball, softball, lacrosse and tennis. Much like Windham, Bedford students and residents have an unmatched school spirit. Pep rallies to amp up the school for upcoming seasons, large crowds and home and away games, and the hallways turned into a sea of red, white, and black, the schools colors. The school spirit on top of the exemplary academics, incredible athletic programs and diverse extra-curricular activities makes the Bedford school district one of the best schools in New Hampshire.


  1. Bow, NH School District


The last school on our list for one of the best school districts in New Hampshire is the Bow school district. According the the Bow school district has ranked #1 for “Best School Districts in the Merrimack County”. Pulling in an A average on academics, teachers, clubs and activities, college prep, and health and safety, making the Bow school district one of the best in New Hampshire. The Bow school district is a highly respected and rated public school system with about 1,500 students ranging in grades PK, K-12. Not only is a great place for students but for teachers as well, according to the Bow school district was ranked #6 in both “Best Places to Teach in New Hampshire” and “Districts with the Best Teachers in New Hampshire”.

The Bow school district offers grades PK-12 with different schools for each level, elementary, middle and high school. For little ones, the elementary school they’d be attending is Bow Elementary School. This elementary school incorporates grades PK, K-4 with a total number of students of just under 500. With a student-teacher ratio of 14:1 you can be certain your child is getting the one on one teacher time, attention and dedication each student needs and deserves.

Once graduating on to the middle school, students will be attending Bow Memorial School for grades 5-8. During these pivotal years of adolescence, Bow Memorial offers small class sizes of student-teacher ratios of 12:1 to ensure that each child is getting the necessary help and guidance in the classroom. The entire school is made up of around 500 students, so the small community the school makes for an unbreakable bond between students and students and teachers.


Once students complete the middle school level, they are moved to Bow High School. Bow High School consists of roughly 600 students grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 13:1. Again, the small classes continue into the high school years making sure the students are receiving their own individual academic and personal attention they need. Bow High School ranked #14 for “Best High Schools in New Hampshire” by UsNews based on mainly on college readiness, math and reading proficiency, and graduation rate amongst other factors. They are also ranked #12 in “Best College Prep Public High Schools in New Hampshire” by


Along with their stellar academics Bow High School offers an amazing athletic program. Ranked as a Division II school in athletics, the sports program offers a wide variety of activities to fit different interests and passions. Sports including, bass fishing, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, soccer, alpine skiing, basketball, ice hockey, track, nordic skiing, swimming, wrestling, baseball, lacrosse, softball, tennis and track and field.


The school system is important, and like any parent, you want to make sure you children receive a great education and schooling experience. New Hampshire is full of great schools, these are just a few of our favorites. Public education is also not your only option, New Hampshire offers private schools, prep schools, charter schools, and more, it’s just what your child needs and requires to fulfill their ambitions and goals.


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