Golden Years in the Granite State – Finding the Best Places to Retire in New Hampshire

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new hampshire places to retireAre you nearing retirement age? Or, are you considering the best path to take to set yourself up for a fiscally solvent exodus from the workforce? We all want to retire eventually. And, the question looms – where is the best place to retire? On the surface, many folks would answer, “Florida.” It seems to be the defacto destination, but, the truth is, mindsets are changing.

New Hampshire was ranked the best state to retire to by CNN in 2017.


Well there are myriad reasons.

New Hampshire offers a bounty of beautiful towns in which to own a home. Sought after towns to find and purchase real estate (and therefore some of the best places to retire in NH) include:

On the state level, New Hampshire’s tax situation is highly beneficial for retirees looking purchase property and to retire to the Granite State. It ranks among the 10 most tax friendly states for retirees as it doesn’t tax social security or other retirement income, nor is there a sales tax.

Another reason New Hampshire is among the best places to retire is the fact that the state ranks fifth in the United States for senior health and the quality of care that coincides with that notion. 

Overall, it’s a prime location to retire to due to the aforementioned financial benefits, as well as its low crime rates, easy going lifestyle, cultural offerings, prime geographic locale, active outdoor activities and so much more.

More than 16% of the state’s residents are aged 65%+, so depending on which community you look to find a home in, New Hampshire boasts a network of peers who could very well become your neighbors. And, generally speaking, having people that are of similar age demographic is a solid means of developing inherent comfort amongst your surroundings.

So, when you start to look into what exactly makes New Hampshire one of the best places to retire, the next question you’ll have to answer for yourself is where it is within the state that you’d like to purchase real estate. And really, there’s no right or wrong answer because you can get anywhere you want to get to in short order. New Hampshire offers so many options – there’s a bounty of beautiful parks and recreation facilities, there’s mountain access for hiking and skiing, there’s the lakes region for relaxation, swimming, and cruising around in a canoe or kayak, there’s the ocean for hoping waves and searching tide pools, and there’s rich history which lends itself to quaint, memorable towns to explore. There’s also numerous towns and properties that exist as strict 55+ communities if that’s what you’re looking for.

In short, New Hampshire is a beautiful state with rich history, and many serene properties to choose from – making it not only one of the best places to retire, but one of the best places to live. Take a deep breath, feel that fresh air wash over you, and bask in the beauty that is the Granite State.

And of course, if you need help finding that perfect home or property to live out those golden years, Verani Realty has the trusted, tried and true experience to get you exactly what you’re hoping for, because you shouldn’t have to settle when it’s time to settle down. Contact us today or visit to explore real estate in NH.

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