The 3 Best Places to Retire in Massachusetts

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top places to retire in massachusetts

Although Massachusetts isn’t a tropical retreat or warm all year long, it still has some pretty great places to retire. In fact, out of the nearly 7 million Massachusetts residents, about 1.2 million of them are 65 and older and enjoying all the state has to offer. What is keeping these folks here? That’s up to their personal interests, but we do know that more retirees are sticking around and taking advantage of the four seasons, Boston’s Baked Beans, the accessibility to the ocean, Worcester’s world famous clam chowdah’, and just the sole fact that MA is doing wicked well - ranking as one of the best states to live in America.

If you’re thinking about moving to MA to retire, we’re here to break down some of the best places to retire in MA. So keep reading for our top three places to put down some roots to spend your golden years.


Saugus, MA

First up we have Saugus, Massachusetts - a town located in Essex County in the Greater Boston area. This town is perfect for people who enjoy the convenience of being near the city of Boston, as it’s only 10 miles north, but still want the suburban feel. Saugus is a family-friendly and historic town located along the North Shore. With historic sites, local shops, restaurants, a strong community atmosphere, and a thriving business community. With a population of just under 30,000 residents, this town is a great alternative to city living without giving up the urban feel. Saugus offers some amazing Massachusetts real estate perfect for individuals and couples looking to take the next step in their lives.


Newburyport, MA

The city of Newburyport, MA is a picturesque coastal city located in Essex County. This scenic and historical area is a draw to many in the summer months, and for good reason. Newburyport, MA is 35 miles northeast from Boston and Newburyport also includes a part of Plum Island, making the location very desirable for a lot of buyers. With almost 18,000 residents calling this city home, Newburyport is filled with a variety of local shops, restaurants, parks, and entertainment. The vibrant downtown is what draws both tourists and home buyers in, with its walkability and convenience, it’s a great spot to be.


Gloucester, MA

Gloucester, MA is a city on Cape Ann in Essex County located on the North Shore and home to a little over 30,000 residents. A popular summer destination, this vibrant city consists of an urban core by the harbor with quiet neighborhoods on the outskirts of town. Giving residents the perfect balance between lively activity with local shops, restaurants, and entertainment, and a quiet retreat when coming home.


In short, Massachusetts is a beautiful and versatile state with rich history, and many amazing properties to choose from – making it not only one of the best places to retire, but one of the best places to live. Take a deep breath, feel that fresh air wash over you, and bask in the beauty that is the Bay State.


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