Avoid Staging or Decorating Your Home with These 5 Outdated Design Trends

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Whether you're marketing your home to sell and need advice on how to stage your home or-- are just trying to give your interior a refresh, you need to know which trends are no longer in style so your home won't look outdated. 

Here's our list of outdated trends to stay away from in 2020. 

Barn Doors

Some designers despised them from the start, some were thrilled to incorpate the unique feature. In 2020, however, most all designers agree that barn doors have had their time in the spot light. 


First seen and made popular by Joanna Gaines on the hit HGTV series "Fixxer Upper", shiplap popped up in living rooms and bedrooms all over the U.S. Nearly a decade after its introduction, however, designers say the trend has overstayed its welcome and not fit for 2020 homes. 

Modern Farmhouse Style

Speaking of "Fixxer Upper", modern farmhouse is another trend made popular by the show that has now become outdated. Instead, 2020 desing trends have embraced modern industrial. Modern industrial replaces the whites and woods of modern farmhouse with blacks and metals for a fresh new look in 2020. 

Word and Phrases Art

Once seen as a fun way to decorate and inspire good feelings in the home, designers can't stress enough how cliche and passe word art is. Skip this tacky, outdated trend and rather hang up a beautiful minimalistic painting or graphic that fits in the modern, 2020 home. 

All-White Interior 

At first seen as chic, minimalistic and modern, designers are now saying all-white interiors actually date a home by a decade. Pops of color, accent walls, gold/brass accents or neutral tones will bring a home back up to date with a 2020 refresh. 

Knowing how to best market your home so that prospective buyers see all of the best features and qualities can be tricky. If you are trying to sell your home and need help, go to Verani.com to contact an agent near you. We have experienced and highly knowledgeable agents right at our fingertips who are ready to guide you in accomplishing your real estate goals. 

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