6 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel Larger

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spacious kitchenNobody ever complains that their kitchen is too large. The roomier it feels, the more comfortable and welcoming this space seems to become.

Feel like your kitchen is a bit cramped? If you are dreaming of more space in the most popular room of your house, or if you are trying to help potential buyers overlook your kitchen’s small size, give these tips a try before looking at a costly remodel. Even simple changes can create the illusion of pushing back those walls.

  1. Paint the walls a light color. The lighter the walls, the more they seem to be pushed back and less like they are closing in on you. With the right color, the room will appear bigger and have a light and airy feel to it. Some popular colors right now include cool creams and light greys. These neutral colors are also great if you are selling because they appeal to most buyers.

  2. Add light. If your kitchen lacks natural light it will feel smaller than it actually is. Consider adding lighting over the center island or even a few inset canister lights to brighten the entire room. Replace any old hanging fixtures that look straight out of the 70s with bright, modern options.

  3. Reface or refinish old dark cabinets. If your cabinetry is dark, it may be time to consider refacing them (just the fronts get replaced, so the cost is less than installing all new cabinets) or refinishing them in a lighter color. You can sand down, prime and paint your cabinets yourself too. Consider an off-white color to completely transform and brighten the room.

  4. Make creative storage spaces. Nothing makes a room feel smaller than a lack of storage – especially in a kitchen! Add wire shelves to the insides of your cupboard doors, which are great for jars and items you use often, like peanut butter or cooking spray. Invest in a turning lazy Susan for corner cabinets to use every inch of space and still have easy access. Add a bread box to the counter to store away breads and pastries, and use top space for a bowl of fresh fruit.

  5. Choose furnishings with a small footprint. Select slim design chairs, streamlined stools and narrow tables that don't consume valuable floor space. Avoid chunky furniture legs or thick bases, which add visual bulk.

  6. Declutter your kitchen. Remove anything you don’t use regularly from the counter top. Store blenders or bread makers in the basement if there is no space within the kitchen to tuck them away. Create a central area for mail, in a small basket for example, to stop it from spreading to every flat surface in the room.

With these 6 steps your kitchen will appear brighter and more spacious, making both you and potential buyers feel at home in this important space.

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