The Benefits of 55+ Communities in New Hampshire

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55 and over communities in new hampshireSo, you’re thinking about making a move. You’re either nearing retirement age, or are newly retired and thinking to yourself, ‘I’d like to look into the benefits of purchasing a home in a 55+ community in New Hampshire.’ Quite frankly, the benefits are vast. Whether you’re looking for a change of pace, are looking to cut down on manual outdoor tasks that you’re faced with in a traditional stand-alone property, or are looking to network with a similarly aged demographic, the 55+ communities in NH have much to offer.

Let’s take a closer look at why over 55 communities in New Hampshire are a sought-after option when “the time is right.”

Homes are designed with you in mind

By you we mean, those approaching or in their “senior” years. You don’t think about all the nuances of a home that could pose navigational issues for you as you age. Sure, we like to think we’ll remain youthful and pliable forever, but that’s just not the case. Homes in 55+ communities make light of common home modification trends that make living in them easier and applicable to aging bodies. The idea is to nip any potential structural issues in the bud and make living out your golden years as easy and comfortable as possible.

Your neighbors are at a similar spot in their lives

We don’t mean to come across as drab, but one of the things some people face as they age is dealing with loneliness. Family members have moved on, old neighbors may not have moved to their own over 55 community in New Hampshire (or elsewhere), and, at some point, being alone can catch up to you. You desire access to a community of your peers, and in a 55+ community you have it built right in as inherent piece of the geographic locale. You literally have a built-in network of peers right in the neighborhood – likely to make friends easily and have them close by for social engagements and the like.

Safety, security and great amenities

While the specific amenities offered vary for every 55+ community throughout NH, you can generally expect there to be some good ones. And, for all intents and purposes, you can keep specific amenities on your wish list as you set out to visit the various over 55 communities in New Hampshire. Common amenities offered at 55+ communities include:

  • Pools
  • Fitness centers
  • Chef-prepared meals
  • Community gardens
  • Golf courses
  • And many more…

The other amenity is a general and physical sense of safety and security. You might choose a gated community and/or a community that staffs security personal. Along those lines, being in a 55+ community means that everyone residing there is (by and large) looking out for each other – kind of a support group type of situation if you will.

55+ communities are intrinsically designed to make certain that their network of home owners never has to go far to keep themselves busy and entertained – as an individual, and as a member of a greater community gathering for social events such as dinner parties, common area classes, crafting sessions, field trips, movie nights, on and on. Again, not every 55+ community in NH is created equal, leaving you to decide which one best suits your needs/liking.

Fewer property maintenance concerns

We mentioned this earlier, and it’s super important and, honestly, a big selling point when it comes to looking into and purchasing a home within a 55+ community, especially one here in New Hampshire. Let’s just get the big dog right out way… Snow. If you actually enjoy removing snow and other elemental features that “come to life” during the winter months, chances are, you’re not looking to move anywhere. For some of us (A LOT of us), a big part of moving as we get closer to retirement (or are retired) is the prospect of avoiding snow. Many move to Florida, but, many makeshift Floridians (snow birds), will admit that they miss the beauty of the winter months. They just don’t like the backbreaking work that comes with making sure the car can get in and out of the driveway. Well, in large part, a serious feature of an over 55 community residence is that there’s a maintenance crew that takes care of that kind of stuff for you. In fact, beyond snow and winter woes, you might find the following maintenance is taken care of for you:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Dealing with plumbing problems
  • Raking leaves
  • General landscaping needs
  • Replacing the hot water heater
  • Patching that hole in the roof
  • Clearing gutters
  • ALL OF IT…

Of course, how much each community will handle on their own varies from place to place and depends on the rules of the community itself, so be sure to ask for details when you’re exploring the options in front of you when you’re looking at properties in a 55+ community here in NH.

Located close to hospitals

This is an added “comfort” bonus. And it’s strategic. Most 55+ communities in New Hampshire are geographically settled close to a hospital. Let’s face it, as we age, we have to worry about this sort of thing. If you get hurt or suffer a heart attack or stroke, help is right around the corner. Getting to the hospital quickly can make a huge difference in how well seniors fare after the fact of a medical incident, so knowing there’s a hospital nearby is an important addition to all the factors considered when looking at your new home.  

We at Verani Realty have a whole team of agents that specialize in the 55+ community market (select 55+ in the dropdown under “specialty”) here throughout New Hampshire, so if you’re actively seeking a representative, or have a general question, we’re here to provide you with anything you might need to make an informed and good decision!

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