5 Signs You Are Ready to Buy

real estate agent handing over keysIf you are like many people, you circle around an idea long before you take the leap and move forward with it. The world is filled with leapers and those who hold back, wait, and are always very cautious about their choices. Both have their positive and negative attributes, but the key for both personalities is moderation.

So If caution has you stuck, not certain if the time is right to buy a home, here are a few signs for you to look for that tell you it is time to take the plunge, leap and purchase.

  • Do you find apartment living uncomfortable? Do you hate the fact that you can hear your neighbors and they can hear you? Do you dream of sitting outside your home and enjoying privacy, not being watched or approached for pointless conversations? Are you awakened early on weekend mornings by your neighbor’s children running around playing in the apartment above you? Is your personal space sometimes invaded because you are in an apartment? It may be time to buy a home.

  • Do you wish you could paint the walls or change the décor? If you are sick of seeing beige everywhere and long for a sage green living room or slate blue bathroom, you may be fed-up with living in that cookie-cutter apartment décor. Do you also long for new carpets or to improve your living space by adding gleaming hardwood floors? Do the rooms of your apartment make you feel like nothing really reflects your personal taste? It may be time to buy a home.

  • Do you find yourself walking in the local park, because you lack your own yard? If you love nature, barbeques, planting a garden, and entertaining outdoors, than you may feel something is missing from your life living in a typical apartment. It may be time to buy a home.

  • Do you have a good credit score? Have you been cautious about borrowing and paying your bills on time, have an excellent credit score, but wonder when all this hard work will pay off? It may be time to buy a home.

  • Do you have money saved and a good, steady job? Have you socked money away for that big home purchase, but are afraid it is never going to be enough? Do you have a solid, steady job that you have been at for at least two years? It may be time to buy a home.

Naturally, if you said no to the above questions, you probably love apartment living and are not ready to buy a home. But, if you are all too familiar with those five signs and answered yes to most of the questions you just read, than the time is right for you to consider joining the ranks of home ownership. Talk to a REALTOR about what is on the market in your community, what might fit your needs, and get prequalified for a loan with a lender. The market is good, interest rates are still low, and the time to buy is now.

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