10 Speed Cleaning Tips that Save Time

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woman cleaning kitchenHave you noticed that some people’s homes are always super tidy? If their house is on the market it is probably perpetually ready for a showing! How do they do it?

Selling your house means keeping it clean to show to potential buyers, but for many of us, that is a challenge. If you are a clutter collector, housecleaning procrastinator, or one who puts off laundry until you’ve run out of clothes to wear, then you may be in need of a few tips to simplify and speed up cleaning.

Here’s how to start to speed up your cleaning process:

  1. Keep everything you use to clean your home ready to go in one cleaning tote, caddy, or bucket. You won’t waste time gathering your necessities to start or continue — just bring it with you from room to room. If your home is large, consider creating two or more: one for each level.

  2. Buy a squeegee to use daily on the shower walls and door after every use. This step saves time battling soap scum and water spots later.

  3. Use a vacuum to clean all floor surfaces. Most vacuums adjust to floor height (from deep pile carpets to hardwood). Just be sure the vacuum is not scratching the surface. This eliminates the broom and saves time.

  4. Get a long extension cord that accommodates your vacuum. It allows you to keep on cleaning – room to room – without having to unplug and replug the machine in.

  5. Skip dusting small items each week. Tiny objects are less noticeable than the big picture. Dust collectables and knick-knacks every 2-3 weeks.

  6. Don’t waste time backtracking or running back and forth as you think of things to clean. Take on each room with a system. Experts recommend starting each room to the left of the doorway, at the top, and moving clockwise and down.

  7. Declutter daily so you don’t need to do it before you clean. Make sure each family member has a catchall spot for personal things. Cubbies, tote bags, and small laundry baskets all work. They should be emptied regularly.

  8. Do a daily load of laundry. If you put in a load in the morning, you can dry it upon returning home at the end of the day. Fold while watching TV that evening and you just freed up a large portion of your weekend.

  9. Set up a dishwashing routine. Start emptying the dishwasher every morning and turning it on, fully loaded, before bed.

  10. Use music to keep you moving quickly as you clean. Nothing gets us picking up the pace faster, and staying focused, better than cranking up your favorite music while you clean.

Cleaning your home doesn’t have to take a long time or be so mundane that you dread it. If you are selling you know that this is a must-do, so devise a plan to make it easier. When you set a routine and make it more enjoyable with some music, your housecleaning work will become speedier and will pay off with sparkle and shine.

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